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book of ra

Book of Ra is a unique and legendary game that has gone down in the history of slot machines, which also has many improved versions.
The producer of this game is company Novomatic, an international gambling company founded by billionaire Johann Graf in Austria in 1980. As not many of new players might know, but the fact is that Book Of Ra is called “Legendary Slot Game”. The legendary reputation of this game even exceeds the reputation of the company itself. Book of Ra in the market of slot machines, it is distributed in 2100 land-based casinos in 46 countries of the world. The Novomatic brand service provider GreenTube offers to the players an online version of the Book of Ra slot and its upgraded versions.

Book of Ra is based on Egyptian mythology, which is so loved by all the players from different countries. The idea of the game is an exciting pursuit of the ancient artifact “Book of God Ra”. The player will feel himself in the role of an archaeologist, eager to find the treasure and go to the labyrinths of the pyramid of Cheops. Along the way, faced with endless corridors, traps, mummies, scarabs and mysterious hieroglyphs, an adventure awaits you in the best traditions of the Indiana Jones stories.
Many companies tried to create an analog of the Book of Ra video slot, including Novomatic, but all attempts failed to produce the same result. There are also some slots inspired examples by Book Of Ra 6, Book Of Ra Two Symbols, Fixed Book Of RaBook Of Ra Xpand, Book of Ra Deluxe.
Instead of creating new slots, Novomatic decide to create improved versions and adds variations of different options – additional free spins, line extensions, and other options. The new versions include Book Of Ra 6, Book Of Ra Two, Symbols, Fixed Book Of Ra, And Book Of Ra Xpand, Book Of Ra Deluxe.
Book of Ra slots at the beginning are offered in a land-based casino after they appear in the online casino through brand-service provider GreenTube.


Book of Ra

Book of Ra

Book of Ra is an exciting game with unexpected turns and high chances of getting big wins. Since this is the first version Book of Ra, despite this, players have not forgotten the classic slot machine of casino history and it is perfect for new players. Book of Ra doesn’t have complicated combinations, the gameplay is straightforward, nevertheless, it gives you the opportunity to experience the fascinating atmosphere of ancient Egypt, which are so much loved by people. The Book of Ra slot consists of 5 reels and 9 pay lines. A big plus is the Info button – it will always help the player to understand the rules and the amount of payout.

A winning combination is a line in which 3 or more identical symbols are dropped from the left to the right side.
A player can get 10 free spins and 3 multipliers if there are 3 or more scattered symbols on the reels.
Before the start of the spins, the system will independently select a symbol, which during free spins will appear on the reels and be placed on 3 positions. It is worth noting that the book in bonus spins acquires the properties of wild and can replace other symbols.

Slot machine Book of Ra offers a risk game, which also gives a taste of excitement because the result is unpredictable. Each time you win in the main game, the Gamble button will glow on the control panel, challenging you to take a chance and play round. If you make the right choice, you will raise the winnings, otherwise, the bet will be canceled. The gaming machine system offers to guess the color of the playing card – black or red. The chances of winning the draw 50/50, because the choice of the player will be based only on 2 options.

Conclusion Book Of Ra

Probably some people believe that the Book of Ra slot machines is already outdated, but this refutes the fact that many players are still happy to return to their usual and easy-to-use slot. It is also very convenient for beginners, as it is easy to learn. Of course, it lacks the diversity of the gameplay, and the payout percentage is also not the highest, but in the case of this reason, Novomatic provides improvements at new versions.
We can also note the design that not inferior to new slots from many new companies.

Book Of Ra Online Casino

Book Of Ra is available in both land-based casinos and online casinos, as it is the first on the collection and the most popular. The Novomatic brand GreenTube service provider offers players an online version of the Book of Ra slot and its upgraded versions.


New Versions of Book Of Ra

As Book Of Ra is so popular among the slot lovers, Novomatic produced new versions of Book Of Ra.
Here are some of them:

Book Of Ra 6 – with extra 6th reel
Book Of Ra Two Symbols – with the selection of Two Symbols during free spins
Fixed Book Of Ra – with fixed burning book symbols during free spins
Book Of Ra Xpand – expanding reels during free spins.

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